Allison Katz, LCSW

Individual, Family, and Group Treatment

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in New York City.  I work with individuals, families, and groups.

I believe psychotherapy is a life-changing process that can expand one's capacity for self-reflection and self-awareness, thereby paving the way for more meaningful relationships and a more fulfilling life.

I endeavor to help my patients find the tools they need to feel the most productive and the most alive.  

My approach is psychodynamically-oriented; however, my years of practicing have taught me that there is no one-size-fits-all model.  I believe each person has different needs, and I bring both my experience and collaborative skills to each treatment.  I have been described as empathic, relatable, and warm.

Together, we will explore the patterns that are getting in the way of you feeling more fulfilled in life.   We will work towards modifying these patterns, so you may experience greater satisfaction in work and relationships.

My areas of interest include adults with eating disorders, ADHD, relationship difficulties, career dissatisfaction, creative blocks, depression, and anxiety.  I also have years of experience working with couples to resolve longstanding relational issues.

I received my MSW from Fordham University as well as my certificate in psychoanalysis from the four-year training program at The National Institute for the Psychotherapies ("NIP").  I also serve as an Associate Editor for  the nationally-recognized journal, Psychoanalytic Perspectives, as well as a Board Member of the Professional Association for NIP.  Additionally, I chair a sequence of educational seminars covering various current topics in the psychoanalytic field.

To schedule a consultation, please contact me:

Allison Katz

850 Seventh Avenue, Suite 806

New York, NY 10019